GEOGLAM Annual Meeting focusing on GEOGLAM Cloud Infrastucture and Knowledge Management

August 29-31, Sanya, China


To discuss and find solutions on how the cutting-edge technology of cloud infrastructure, big earth data and knowledge management can benefit and leverage GEOGLAM.

Context and expected outcomes

The Group on Earth Observations Global Agricultural Monitoring (GEOGLAM) Flagship Initiative has made significant contributions to increase market transparency and support food security based on Earth observations (EO) as well as various other data sources. Since Landsat 1 was launched in 1972 after about 46 years of development, many countries or organizations have launched Earth observing satellites with various sensors onboard. EO data acquired from different satellite system, including a series of resource, environmental, meteorological and ocean satellites recently become more open and available through the EC Copernicus program. As a result, the data volume of EO data accessible and suitable for agricultural monitoring has expanded significantly. Consequently, processing and analyzing of high volume remote sensing data at national/global scale becomes a major challenge, both in terms of data storage and computing capacity.
The GEOGLAM 2018 Annual Meeting, focusing on topic of GEOGLAM Cloud Infrastructure and Knowledge Management, will bring together scientist and professionals from different countries and international community to discuss how the cutting-edge technology of cloud infrastructure, big earth data and knowledge management can benefit and leverage GEOGLAM. In the afternoon of 29th August, the GEOGLAM Executive Committee Meeting will be held to review the past activities and current status. On the following two scientists from the broader Community of Practice will have two days to introduce current techniques and systems, which utilize big data, cloud infrastructure and knowledge management for large volume data processing, management, and data mining. Through the group discussion, the workshop will identify the main challenges, the future development of a GEOGLAM Cloud Platform, and work out the overall implementation plan for Cloud Platform and Knowledge Management component to turn the challenges in the era of big data into opportunities. The global agricultural monitoring system - CropWatch will be reviewed for its technical evolution to cloud platform and its contribution to market transparency in a regional to global context for the past 20 years.
Participants are also invited to attend Workshop on Digital Belt & Road Working Group on Agriculture and Food Security (DBAR AGRI) to be held at the same venue on August 27 – 29, 2018.
We are organizing a Special Issue "Cloud Infrastructure and Knowledge Management on Global Crop Monitoring" in Remote Sesning Journal. Participants are more than welcome to submit you paper to this special issue. For detailed information , please visit Remote Sensing Journal website.


This workshop will be held at Sanya Satellite Ground Receiving Station, the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth (RADI), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sanya, China.

Ms. Shuyi Xue (
Dr. Miao Zhang (
Tel: +86 (10) 64842376, 64869483
Fax: +86 (10) 64858721

Draft Agenda

Hotel Information

Organizing Committee

Bingfang Wu (RADI, CAS)
Bettina Baruth(Joint Research Centre, EC)
Chris Justice (University of Maryland)


Presentations will be available after the meeting.